Dec 29 2010


It is no secret to regular readers of this blog that I LOVE data visualization (charts, maps, infographics). I often feature the ones that I come across here. I know that others are also interested in this so I have decided to create a space on the blog where I can list those resources.

Infographic: Aging in Prison (Colorlines)

Infographic: Aging Behind Bars

Infographic: California's Juvenile Inmates

Chart: Change in Violent & Property Crime and Inmate & Total Population, 1960-2008

Chicago Youth Justice Data Project

Infographic: Chicago's School to Prison Pipeline

Infographic: The Cold Hard Facts about Incarceration

Chart: Corrections Expenditures by Type of Government, 1982-2008

Correctional Statistics for the U.S. by State – National Institute of Corrections

Infographic: Costs of Incarceration and Execution

Infographic: The Costs of Talking to a Loved One Behind Bars

Death Penalty in the US – Mapped

Chart: Drug Arrests by Age, 1970-2007

Infographic: The Economics of the Drug Trade & War on Drugs

Infographic: Education vs. Incarceration

Infographic: The End of Crime

Chart: Estimated Imprisonment Rate, by Race 1926 vs. 1986

Video: Explaining Prison Expansion in Less Than 3 Minutes

Video: Facts about the War on Drugs

Infographic: The Failed War on Drugs (40th Birthday Numbers)

Infographic: The High Costs of Arresting D.C. Youth

Infographic: The High Cost of Corrections in America

Infographic: Incarceration Nation

Justice Atlas of Sentencing & Corrections

Infographic: Juvenile Life Without Parole

Chart: Juveniles Sentenced to Life Without Parole (NY Times)

Video: The Military Industrial Complex (Costs)

Map: Prison Boom — New York Times

Interactive Map: State by State Prison and Jail Statistics (The Sentencing Project)

Chart: Prison & Jail Inmates Numbers & Rate per 100,000 (1880-2008)

Infographic: The Prison Industrial Complex

Proliferation: A Visual Representation of Prison Expansion Set to Music

Chart: Rate vs Number of Prisoners Under State Jurisdiction by Race, 2000 & 2009

Infographic: The Recession and America’s Prisons

Chart: Rising Numbers of Children with Incarcerated Parents

Running the Numbers by Chris Jordan

Chart: Ten States with Highest Female Prisoner Population, 2009

Ten States with Highest Juvenile Correctional Populations, 2009

Infographic: The Truth about the War on Drugs

Chart: Top Black Imprisonment Rates

Chart: Top 10 Countries with Highest Incarceration Rates (2006-2009)

Chart: Top 10 States with Prisoners Over 55 years old

Infographic: U.S. Incarceration Rates by Race and Sex (2008)

Visual Image of Prison Expansion 1900-2000

What is the PIC? Interactive Map

Infographic: Which Prisoners Experience Sexual Abuse?