Jun 05 2015

Image of the Day

My friend, organizer and artist Monica Trinidad, has a new website that includes some of her artwork. One of my favorite pieces is below.

by Monica Trinidad

by Monica Trinidad

May 24 2015

Grief, Love & Celebration: #DamoDay in Chicago

It’s been another packed week for me. I am tired and I haven’t had time to blog. #DamoDay took place on Wednesday and I felt a mix of emotions. It was wonderful to hear the stories shared by Damo’s friends. Since I didn’t know him, they provided new insights into him as a person. I smiled and laughed several times as the stories were shared. I also felt sad at his loss. What a vibrant soul I wish I could have known!

About 30 minutes into the gathering, a young Black man was provoked by a homeless (seemingly mentally ill) white man who first rammed him with a bike and then used his body to push him. Instead of detaining the white man, the young Black man (a friend of Damo’s) was taken into custody. The rest of my afternoon was peppered with calls to a lawyer and anxiety. I can’t ever calm down while young people are in police custody. I feel like I am holding my breath waiting to exhale. After several hours, he was finally released but not before being charged with simple battery. At least five witnesses are prepared to testify that he was the one provoked. Yet, another young person was criminalized at a gathering where he came to mourn and celebrate a friend who was killed by the Chicago Police Department (CPD). It’s infuriating and draining.

Below is a short video summary of #DamoDay.

As part of #DamoDay, participants in the Radical Education Project (a collaboration between We Charge Genocide and Chicago Light Brigade) created an interactive public memorial. This proved to be the emotional anchor for the day. Chicago is replete with examples of artists who have and continue come together to support activist and organizing efforts. Below are some photos that depict Damo’s public memorial.

photo by Sarah Jane Rhee (5/20/15)

photo by Sarah Jane Rhee (5/20/15)

photo by Charles Preston (5/20/15)

photo by Charles Preston (5/20/15)

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May 11 2015

Image of the Day…

photo from the Manifest Justice exhibition  credit Gary Schmitt

photo from the Manifest Justice exhibition
credit Gary Schmitt

Details about Manifest Justice here.