Nov 18 2015

Video: The Case for Diversion

If you watch Danielle Sered speak for the next 15 minutes, you will be better informed about the current state of criminal justice reform. It is well-worth your time. Danielle runs the innovative program called Common Justice.

“Common Justice is an innovative victim service and alternative-to-incarceration program based on restorative justice principles. Located in Brooklyn, New York, the program works with young people, 16 to 24 years old, who commit violent felonies, and those they harm. Common Justice aims to reduce violence, facilitate the well-being of those harmed, and transform the criminal justice system’s response to serious crime. The program provides participants with a respectful and effective means of accountability, an equitable and dignified avenue to healing, and the tools to break cycles of violence.”

Click HERE to watch.

Apr 17 2015

Parent-Led Restorative Justice Efforts in Chicago Schools

For over 10 years now, my friends and comrades at POWER-PAC have been transforming school cultures through parent-led peace rooms. Below is a new video recently released by the City of Chicago – Mayor’s Commission for a Safer Chicago that highlights their work.

Apr 02 2015

Video: Restoring Justice

This blog was down for a couple of days because of host site performance issues. It’s back up again thanks to help I received to troubleshoot the problems. Thanks to those who helped me address the issues.

As part of trying to address the problems, I permanently deleted a few recent posts. No worries. One of those was a video about Chicago’s school to prison pipeline that I posted which was recently produced by the young filmmakers at Free Spirit Media.