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Jul 27 2014

Image of the Day: Ella Fitzgerald vs. Pan Am

In 1954, Ella Fitzgerald filed a complaint against Pan American for discrimination. On her way to a concert from Honolulu to Australia, Fitzgerald was barred from a Pan American flight, because she was Black. Below is one page of her complaint. Here’s the transcript.

National Archives (1954)

National Archives (1954)

Jul 23 2014

Musical Interlude: What Ya Life Like…

Jul 12 2014

Musical Interlude: The Prisoner by Gil Scott Heron

Jul 04 2014

Musical Interlude: Jail House Blues

Jun 21 2014

Musical Interlude: Fly Away

Not a Nelly fan but I like this song about prison…

Jun 14 2014

Musical Interlude: Life Behind the Walls

May 31 2014

Musical Interlude: Work Song by Nina Simone

May 25 2014

Musical Interlude: Trapped

Who doesn’t love Tupac…

May 16 2014

Musical Interlude: Never Leave Me Alone

Apr 26 2014

Music Interlude: The Rich Get Rich…

I’ve always appreciated this song by Chubb Rock…

D-Rock, peace peace and one time peace
Freeze Love, peace peace and peace peace
Cocksachie, Greenvale, Greenwald
Attica, one more time, hold on
Rahway, come back cell block H
And everybody in Riker’s, one love
One love..