Dec 30 2017

It’s National #FreeThePeopleDay on New Year’s Eve…

As is my custom, I fired off a tweet this morning and then I was like, hey this might be a good idea :).

I’ve been supporting efforts to #EndMoneyBail and #EndPreTrialDetention for years. There is some progress being made on both fronts. I want to particularly lift up the efforts of the Chicago Community Bond Fund (full disclosure: I’m a founding advisory board member). You can read our end of year report here to learn more.

If you are interested in participating in National #FreeThePeople Day Bailout on New Year’s Eve, you can donate the cost of a drink (or more) to a community bail fund or effort. To help, I am sharing some local funds and efforts. I’ll begin by sharing the ones I’m actually familiar with and have donated to in 2017.

1. Chicago Community Bond Fund

2. Massachusetts Bail Fund (your donations are DOUBLED through 12/31)

3. National Bail Out (your donations are DOUBLED through 12/31)

4. Philadelphia Community Bail Fund 

The following are bail funds that I am familiar with but did not donate money to this year.

4. Brooklyn Community Bail Fund (your donations are DOUBLED through 12/31)

5. Bronx Freedom Fund

6. Richmond Community Bail Fund

7. Minnesota Freedom Fund

Here are some other local bail funds/efforts.

8. Memphis Community Bail Fund

9. Northwest Community Bail Fund

10.  Immigrant Bail Fund

11. Louisville Community Bail Fund

12. Tuscon Second Chance Community Bail Fund

13. Free the 350 Bail Fund (Wisconsin)

14. The Connecticut Bail Fund

15. Eastern Iowa Community Bond Project

16. Nashville Community Bail Fund  

17. Columbia County Bail Fund (NY)

Also there’s a great app called Appolition that will round up your small change and donate it to the National Bail Out.  More details about the app are in this recent article. You can sign up for Appolition here.

The New Inquiry has developed Bail Bloc which is a cryptocurrency project against bail. You have to download some software onto your computer. Don’t ask me how this works but it apparently does and it costs nothing but electricity to power your computer (?) to participate. Read more here.

Thank you for your interest in helping to free people from jails across the country. Let’s put this last day of 2017 to good use. If you donate, let others know through the #FreeThePeopleDay hashtag.