Apr 11 2015

Guest Post: Court Day 1 #RekiaBoyd

My friend Crista Noel wrote a few words about the first day of Dante Servin’s trial for killing Rekia Boyd. Crista co-founded Women’s All Points Bulletin, a local organization focused on police violence against women. She has been a steadfast supporter of Rekia’s family for years. I appreciate that she has given me permission to publish this.

Court Day 1
by Crista Noel

For reasons unknown the rain reminded me of my grandfathers funeral.

Or maybe not


His death,

being shot in the head by the security guard he hired to protect the bowling alley he managed, was the revelation


My grandmothers old wives tale was true

when it rains on the day of a funeral

the Angels are crying

I was driving to a funeral,

and the Universe was storming.

As with all trials there is confusion and worry. They told Martinez it may be postponed because the Judges house flooded, but he did not disappoint.

The News crews filmed the family and the advocates, surrounding Martinez, they spoke passionately as I watched through the window.

Inside Angela expressed her grief, her anger barely subsided,

she will never forgive

or forget.

Mothers pain

Her sister sat quietly, as we all did, in the Courtroom as Dante’s face turned beet red as the charges and the punishment became real

to him

in that moment
and time


Icka testified she was angry that her sister was shot in the head and Antonio was only shot in the hand.

“How is that fair” she cried

They all ran from Dante’s bullets

and she cried

Over Rekia’s body

They wouldn’t let her ride to the hospital with Rekia

and Rekia hated being alone

She cried

For a moment Dante was alone with Rekia, talking on his cellphone when the cops arrived

What was he saying
How did he feel

This was caught on tape


standing in the street at the mouth of the alley, talking on his phone, looking towards where Rekia lay

Shot and dying

By his hand

What was he saying

Ikca was behind a tree. Large enough, she thought, to shield her from the bullets


The bullet ricocheted thru Rekia’s head

She road in the ambulance alone

“He was trying to kill all of us”

They told Ikca to leave or they would arrest her

So Rekia was alone

She hated being


The Defense tried to spin the tale

There were 5 people

Icka said it was the guys fault for saying


Get away you crack head

Dante was spooked by the cellphone

On purpose

and therefore

He was justified in shooting

And killing


So says the Defense.

The Prosecution,

the People of the State of Illinois,

We said

Over and over

Rekia’s dead

The coroner said it was homicide but that just meant she died at the hands of another

They didn’t show the pictures because

the revolution is being televised

And that wouldn’t be right

So they say

as cop snuff films go viral




The Courtroom got a glance so so did the camera

Tears flowed from the side of the room surrounded by police and Dante’s family

Martinez testified

An officer testified he saw Antonio run towards the squad

With another man

The Defense pointed to a speck on the tape saying it was another unidentifiable man

The cop said yes, never saw him again

In 3 hours they let us go

to return

Monday, April 13th, 1:30pm

Angela says

be there by 12