Nov 11 2013

Picturing A World Without Prisons: Images, Words, & Sounds

by Bianca Diaz

by Bianca Diaz

I’ve previously shared information about an upcoming exhibition that I am co-curating with my friends at Free Write Jail Arts & Literacy Program. I even shared the collaborative submission that I created with my friend Sarah & her daughter Cadence.

Well, the exhibition officially opens today at HumanThread Center/Gallery. However, the opening reception is on November 15th and you can RSVP here.

Today, I want to share some of the art that will be featured in Picturing A World Without Prisons specifically the photographs. The show marries photographs submitted by people on the outside with art created by jailed youth. This is why we call it an inside/outside exhibition. We’ve temporarily uploaded the photo submissions that we received along with the artist statements on a Tumblr. Eventually, we plan to create an online exhibit that will bring together the art created on the outside with that which was created by the incarcerated youth. This is in addition to the physical exhibition that will run from November 11 to December 6 at HumanThread.

I am so excited that three of the artists on the outside who submitted their photographs filmed videos talking about their work. I’ll share these below along with a link to their photos and artist statements. I hope to see those of you who can make it on November 15th at the opening reception.

If you are inspired to submit your own photograph “picturing a world without prisons,” we’ve decided to continue to accept submissions for the online exhibit indefinitely. Learn more here. It’s my hope that we can continue the conversation & add more voices in the future. The only way to create a world without prisons is to have a vision for what that can look like and to build it together.

Marie Soude’s photo and artist statement are here. Below, hear her talk about her inspiration.

Karsten Norris’ photo and artist statement are here. Below Karsten talks about his work.

Tom Callahan’s photo and artist statement are here. Below Tom talks about his submission.