Feb 09 2013

Comic: Girls in the System #1

I really love this wonderful comic titled “Girls in the System” created by my friend Rachel Marie-Crane Williams as part of a project that I co-organized called the Cradle to Prison Pipeline Zine Project. You can read about the process that Rachel used in working with some youth from the Chicago Freedom School here. Because I really love this comic and think that it underscores many of the issues facing girls in the juvenile justice system. I am going to share some images from the publication here over the next few weeks…

I begin with some of the family traumas that some girls in the system face…

2013-02-06 00.23.44

2013-02-06 00.23.46

2013-02-06 00.23.48

2013-02-06 00.23.50-1

2013-02-06 00.23.50-2

2013-02-06 00.23.50-3