Mar 03 2012

Poems of the Day: More From Free Write Jail Arts

A few weeks ago, I posted some youth created poetry from participants in the Free Write Jail Arts & Literacy Program here in Chicago. Below are a couple of other poems from the incarcerated youth at the Cook County Juvenile Temporary Detention Center who participate in Free Write programming:

by Kendall H

It’s dark where I am
and I cannot find the light
There are shadows all around me
and my heart is full of fright
everyone is cheerful
they never even see
that storm clouds are forming
upon the peaceful sea

I cannot see the future
and I cannot change the past
but the present is so heavy
I don’t think I’m going to last

Doing Hard Time
by Demetria R

Being in here
is what you call hell
locked in these cold dark cells
A moment of freedom
we do not see
five minutes of air
is what we breathe
Didn’t blame it on the victim
or the suspect
is what he supposed to be
just blamed it on me
Ok I did it
I confess
but it wasn’t that bad
to go through this stress
Doing hard time is what it be
Cold food and raw meat is what we eat
Getting told when to sleep
and how long to shower
The minutes go past like hours
Living with all these girls
taking they s***
This is not me
I can’t do this
Doing hard time
all alone
Not knowing when I’ll go home
It’s hard in here
locked in a room
between a thousand bricks
I need my freedom
I am ready to go
I can’t take it no mo’
Living by they laws
obeying by they rules
Can’t take a piss when I choose
I will never be in CCJTDC again
We are their property
They get all revenge
Jail is hard
Jail is rough
You’ll be in here after one big f*** up
A old body is what they call me
but I consider myself different
You should never wanna
be in my position
These girls is not yo friends
nor is these n*****
They sit back and clow you
to they friends.
doing hard time like in the pen
Yeah, that’s it
I never wanna do hard time again.