Mar 03 2011

Video: “Police Brutality” by K.R.U.E.

The song is in response to the shooting death of a deaf Seattle woodcarver by the name of John T. Williams, who was shot and killed by Officer Ian Birk. The shooting was found to be unjustified by a review board and Birk is no longer with the department.

Some of the lyrics are below:

“Everyday we wake up for you to protect and serve
But if you can’t do that, tell me what’s your job worth?
Now you’ve got a bad rap and the city really hates you
Not to mention everything you’ve done makes you disgraceful”

“Tell me, how do y’all sleep at night?
You beat and shoot people then go home to your wife
Can you answer why there’s there’s kids layin’ up in the hospital
Bodies in the morgue, to me it’s not logical”

“Protect: To defend something you care about
Serve: To be there when there’s people without
You don’t protect or serve you extort and harass
You took the job for the power of the gun and the badge”

“We need to stand up ‘cause they’re out of control
With police like this, we have to revolt
We cannot sit down we cannot let go
We cannot pretend we haven’t see what they’ve shown”