Jul 26 2010

Understanding Prison Abolition: Criminal Injustice KOS Breaks it Down

Over the past few weeks, I have been thrilled to read a series of blogs at DailyKos published by soothsayer99, Radio Girl and ThisIsMyTime. They have developed a series called Criminal Injustice Kos. This is a well-researched, interesting, and provocative series of blogs.

It always amazes me (though it shouldn’t) how resistant many “progressives” or “leftists” are to prison abolition and often even to prison reform. By bringing this conversation to the Daily Kos community, soothsayer, Radio Girl and ThisIsMyTime are practicing what I wrote about earlier today. They are bringing the conversation about prison abolition and reform to a new audience rather than waiting for that audience to find them. More of this type of effort is needed across the progressive blogosphere because if we can’t convince our own communities then we are not going to convince the mainstream. That’s a fact.

The following are two terrific examples of the Criminal Injustice KOS series that specifically address the concept of prison abolition. I really encourage you to read both and to make sure to click on the links in the blogs in order to deepen your knowledge about these issues.

Criminal Injustice Kos: On Prison Abolition

Criminal Injustice Kos — Why Prison Abolition – Part-2

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